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Welcome to Po-N-Tigress! This group is dedicated to the relationship between Dragon Warrior Po and Master Tigress from the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

The group was founded for supporting the two in any kind of relationship. Whether you like seeing Po and Tigress as friends, a couple, or antagonistic to one another, if you enjoy their interaction, you're welcome here!

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions/feedback/technical difficulties. ^^


Each submission is approved by the founder to make sure it follows the group rules, so please be patient in it getting approved.

This group is not elitist; It happily accepts work from artists of all skill levels and mediums. So don't be afraid to show us what you've got!

And yes, fanfic is allowed too. :D


1. Please keep all submissions (and discussion) at a PG level. This means keeping sexual content, drug use, and language to a minimum. However, PG-13 content may be submitted due to thematic elements or violence, and this will be determined on a case by case basis. It is a kung fu franchise, after all.

2. This club is free of slash/yaoi/yuri.

3. Submissions can include other characters as well, but must have Po and Tigress interacting! If you're looking for a place to submit art of JUST Po or JUST Tigress, check out groups like DragonWarriorPO and Tigress-Fans. :)

4. Blog Posts: Any member may submit them, but please keep it related to Po and Tigress and something discussion can be built off. Rumor news is fine too, but must be marked as such. No "check out this pic I drew" blogs, please. People see your deviations when you submit them to the group. General KFP news may also be accepted on a case by case basis.

5. Submissions that break DeviantART rules will not be permitted. This group appreciates DeviantART's dedication to artists and wishes to respect the guidelines they place on members.

6. RESPECT YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS. Because this group is for ALL forms of Po and Tigress' relationship, it's going to be a diverse place. Shippers and non-shippers alike are going to be in this group submitting their shippy and not shippy art, and comments of "ewww they're just friends" or "HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THEIR LUV?!" ruin the fun. Summon your inner peace and don't get worked up over silly details.

7. This group does not utilize the favorites system, because I honestly don't see a point to it. If you like somebody else's fanart and want to submit it to the gallery, go right ahead. :)

8. Concerning written work: Please only submit the first chapter of multi-chapter fanfics. This helps literature remain organized and easy to navigate.



Gallery Folders

Peach Tree Contest
:iconprettyprincess54: prettyprincess54 is looking for voice actors for a Po and Tigress video she is working on.

I'm doing an audiobook of a TiPo fanfiction I'm writing, and I'm gonna need voice actors and artists. I'm gonna need voices for the main cast and some OCs:

Ayaka: mine I'll do her
Sasha(orphan girl)
Little boy (Sasha's brother)
Little girl (sasha's sister)
Villain ghost woman.

please send a message to princess25599 at YouTube. Thank you and if you have any questions ask me here, or YouTube.


Also, I would like to apologize for being away for so long. real life stuff have me very busy and i have almost NO time for myself. i hope you guys understand. I have been checking up on the group despite my inactivity, and i happy that although not much is being posted that you guys are doing your best to keep the group active. Keep up the good work guys.
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